Thursday, January 24, 2008

What I've Learned in Two Years

It's been about two years since this blog ended in what I would describe as a slow burn....

Life has changed and here are a few things I've learned:

That 10% or 20% or 1,000% more of something that if you JUST HAD would finally do it for you - doesn't.

Money doesn't make a difference. I make a lot more than I can spend and I feel exactly the same as when I was bucking 22K a year - it's just that now I drive a really fancy car and live on the beach. And what do I think when I'm in that car? That I'd really like an Aston Martin and a Mansion - or to be sleeping with the girl sitting next to that douche bag that just drove by... Totally not Buddah, and definitely not in the moment, but what can I say - at least I'm honest.

Titles mean nothing. I've collected them over the past few years and that title you wanted - it's funny how it's always the one just a step above where you are right now. Although I must admit that the process of moving up is something I find I enjoy most about the working world.

However you picture something being in your mind - that's not the way it actually happens: You know when someone says "I'm going to Beijing for a meeting" and you think "That sounds awesome". It is - TO SAY. The reality of it is usually much different and because (at least this is me) you're view of what the situation would be like (It usually involves a tuxedo and high stakes game of some card game you in reality have no idea how to play) is much different than how it goes down (OK, it's still cool - but you'd be amazed how quickly you adapt to finer things). You always hear that life is about teaching yourself to live in moments. I can't tell you how true that is. I am not all the way there yet - things still seem sweeter in memory or fantasy - but it's a learning process. At this point the only place this seems to happen for me is in NYC - perhaps because it's one of the few places in this world that lives up to its billing.

No one in high-end meetings speaks with a British accent. In reality - what you'd be most amazed by is how everyday everyone seems (Don't let that fool you though, they're usually very smart and very out to get you). Once again, I think maybe I once expected Gordon Gecko to pop out of the woodwork but the reality is that these people are just like you and me except that they are usually absolutely, insanely, unfathomably wealthy. You know what they value most at that point? Respect and power. Guess what, there's always someone with more of that. Those people - or actually those positions that you're chasing also have something above them that they are chasing as well. When you're young it's recognition, when you're middle aged it's respect and money, and when you're older it's power and a legacy. Remember that - and you will see a lot in people that you never saw before.

This blog at one point once forced introspection upon me - I think I'll visit it a bit more...


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