Sunday, April 10, 2005

At what point did a “Mork & Mindy” made for TV Movie seem like a good idea?

Seriously, who gave the green light to this movie and why are they not on the unemployment line? The original show wasn’t funny, Pam Dawber wasn’t hot, and every show had some incredibly not-at-all insightful comment on humanity made by Robin Williams (Ironically, while he was blowing through a kilo of coke a day) to some invisible guy in a dark room. Maybe that is the key to appreciating the show; lot’s and lot’s of drugs. I’ll tell you what isn’t the key to the show, the writing and acting.

Speaking of acting I have to state the obvious here; Robin Williams is not funny. I must apologize to all of you who find someone acting as if they had just mainlined a triple speedball hilarious but his act doesn’t do it for me. About the only thing I find humorous about Robin Williams is that he’s so hairy it looks he’s half wombat. He must never be cold. If he ever runs out of cash he should shear himself like a lamb and make and sell thousands of sweaters (Or maybe knit a blanket that I could put over my head whenever “Patch Adams” comes on TV). I’ll admit that he isn’t bad a dramatic actor but I think it might just be that I’m relieved he isn’t jumping around the room shouting in the voice of Popeye.

There are a million better ideas for TV Movies than “Mork & Mindy”. Why don't they remake “The Fall Guy”? They could fuse it with “The Six Million Dollar Man” and the real life story of Lee Majors. The story would involve a bounty hunter who spends his days nabbing criminals on the lamb, crushing tennis balls in his hand, and bionically banging every chick in Hollywood (The bionic sound would be especially effective in the sex scenes). No, the geniuses who cancelled “Mr. Show”, didn’t turn the “Tenacious D” shorts into a full running program, and cancelled “The Upright Citizen’s Brigade” would never give this a go. I suppose I’ll have to sit through the “Facts of Life” reunion sequel currently gaining momentum and the inevitable dramatic miniseries based on “ALF


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