Tuesday, April 05, 2005

John Stewart, the new James Carville?

I’m not sure when John Stewart decided that his show should be used as a soap box for his own “enlightened” views on politics but recently I have felt like I’ve been watching a comedy act sponsored by the DNC rather than a television news spoof program. I understand that some people don’t like President Bush and I certainly disagree with more than a few of his policies but the Daily Show has gone from light hearted lampooning to a constant tirade against the “Republican Menace”. I wouldn’t have a problem with this (Although I think it’s a mistake in terms of direction) if many of the viewers of the Daily Show didn’t receive the totality of their news from this cable comedy program. John Stewart offers editorials on the ineptitude of the administration while resisting real criticism by hiding behind the cloak of “the show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls”. Sorry John, if you are going to get into the political analysis game, and freely admit that many of your viewers look to you as a “source of news”, you are going to be held to a higher standard. I agree with Mr. Stewart that most “news” these days is simply party line analysis performed by political hacks which offers little in the way of an honest discussion of the issues but I don’t believe The Daily Show is any better. It used to be tongue in cheek but has now come to take itself much, much too seriously.

With all of the problems I have with The Daily Show I must admit that there are still sketches I love and John Stewart is still an amazingly funny talent (With a gift for playing to the audience). I just wish that he’d realize that he’s a comedian who is dangerously close to becoming a preacher. John, do me a favor and step back a bit. Make fun of the President, lampoon speaker Hastert, do the interviews about the kid with the head so big he couldn’t find a football helmet to fit it, but just please stop pontificating. If you do feel some responsibility to your viewers to present political information then please make an attempt to be at least less biased. I’m only writing this because I love(d) your show and want you to know that you are dangerously close to becoming the James Carville of Comedy Central; funny and interesting to be sure but a party hack nonetheless.


Anonymous Ged said...

John Stewart is an ass. Great Blog though!

3:23 PM  

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