Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Things that are good ideas when you're drunk. #2 Making out in a Club

The power of alcohol to affect my decision making process still amazes me (and I’ve been drinking for quite some time). I went to NYC to visit my best friend TJ and met my ex-girlfriend for dinner. We went back to TJ’s place where we met some of her friends, had some drinks, and headed out on the town. I think we all were having a good time.

What is it about people that when things are going well we always have to push further? If one drink is good two must be better, if an hour on the phone is great, three must be the best, if talking to my ex is good than making out with her on the floor of Lotus must be the awesome. Was I drunk at this point? Yes. Did I know exactly what I was doing? Absolutely. Apparently sometime around 3 a.m. sprawling out on a couch in the VIP section of a club became a work of genius. (Actually, I’m sober now but I still think that was a good idea) There is more to this story that you people will never hear mainly because I have no idea who you are but also because it’s quite possible that I’ll run for office one day and if the Wesson oil/ Saran wrap finish to the evening gets out I’m screwed.


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