Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Artist's Wittgenstein

This is a wonderful review by Terry Eagleton of a new book on one our great thinkers. Here are a few snippets,

"Wittgenstein had no time for the notion that philosophy was a set of propositions about the world; it was more a demystifying practice or therapeutic intervention than a system of doctrines. Like the Freudian analyst, its task was not to make propositions but to elucidate them."

" is salutary to be reminded that Wittgenstein, unlike Stanley Fish or Jacques Derrida, by no means believed that interpretation goes all the way down. On the contrary, he taught us that the word has force only in situations where there is genuine doubt over meaning."

I know you think that it's going to be boring but you might be surprised. Check it out.


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